Our School

Fienberg-Fisher K-8 Center is an urban, Full Service, federally funded school that embraces the Comer Child Development Program. Our school was approved in April 2007 to convert from a K-6 Elementary to a K-8 Center. We have a large Special Education Student (SPED) Center, meeting the needs of students in all exceptionalities from profoundly mentally handicapped to gifted. We receive children at all levels, diagnose their needs, and place them on a flexible learning track and we teach them according to their needs resulting in students achieving at the maximum levels of their intellectual potential. A large percentage of our Special Education (SPED) students are participating in inclusion. Following one of the three inclusion models, co-teaching, in class support and support facilitation, the teachers of Special Education students provide support to qualifying students in the basic program homeroom
environment. Advanced students have the opportunity to participate in classes for the gifted and talented during the school day and the Academic Excellence Program (AEP) after school.

Because Fienberg-Fisher K-8 Center is a Full Service School, our students benefit from having a full-time nurse practitioner and nurse’s aid available at our campus through the Children of the World Health Clinic sponsored by Jackson Health Center. They provide comprehensive health services free of charge. Furthermore, with our long-term relationship with the Bruce Heiken Memorial Fund, vision exams and glasses are provided free to those students with vision problems. Our own incorporated RAIN (Referral and Information Network) program provides housing, food, and medicine vouchers, as well as bus tokens, clothes and full-time support for our students’ families. The Raindrop Day-Care Center provides care for children from birth to three years of age. Fienberg-Fisher is a true model of a Full Service School.

Parents can drop their infants at the day-care center; elementary school-aged children in the elementary school, then proceed themselves to the Adult Center for English or Technology classes. Additionally, our school benefits from a full time MSW (Social Worker) who provides counseling services and coordinates therapy groups through various local agencies to address the mental health needs of our student body.

Our campus occupies 7.18 acres in the middle of the South Beach Art Deco District, in Miami Beach, Florida. We extend over four city blocks displaying two magnificent, historically preserved multilevel buildings and a single level gymnasium painted in Art Deco colors. A uniquely landscaped “Children of the World Park”, separates the primary and intermediate/adult buildings. The buildings and grounds are extraordinarily well maintained by students, staff and custodians. Everyone is very proud of our school and we all work together at keeping it beautiful at all times.

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