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Staying In Touch: Useful Info / Links.

1) Download the free Miami Dade County Public Schools Mobile App

The mobile app features:

Student class schedules and bus route information

List of all Miami-Dade public schools by school type

School information including school website, photos, school address, phone number, enrollment, school colors, and school hours

Functionality to contact school via phone or email

Ability to view school location on a map

Ability to send text, email or Twitter post of the school’s information

Ability to receive notifications from M-DCPS

Information about The Foundation for New Education Initiatives, Inc. (FNEI)

Log in using Dadeschools Portal username and password to receive personalized information tailored to parents, students, and employees

2) Make sure the front office has up-to-date contact information

so that we can regularly send you phone messages / emails about school events

3) The school website


Announcements on the school blog

Staff e-mails (under 'School Information')

Parent Calendar (under 'School Information')

4) Find us on Facebook at fienbergfisherk8

5) On Twitter we are at fienbergfisher

6) Instagram = fienbergfisher

7) Write to us via our website, Facebook or at

8) Last but not least, check those bookbags every day for flyers!

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