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Free Webinars From The Children's Trust / Parent Club

Next week (10-11-21 – 10-15-21) the Parent Club at the Center for Children and Families will be covering the topics: Let’s Talk Tech and The Power of Positive Parenting.

Click here for information about dates, times and topics. Participants are entered for a chance to WIN an Amazon gift card.

Let’s Talk Tech will cover the following topics:

  • Tech-Knowledge-y

  • Create Rules and Routines

  • Keep your Child Safe

  • Develop a Family Media Plan

  • Take Breaks and Connect!

The Power of Positive Parenting webinar covers the following topics:

  • Ensuring a safe engaging environment

  • Creating a positive learning environment

  • Using assertive discipline

  • Having reasonable expectations

  • Looking after yourself as a parent

Parents, care givers and staff can also visit our webpage.

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